Services ~ What we Offer

We provide Continuing Education for Licensed Massage Therapists, and create staff development and training programs for spas and massage therapy businesses.  At Lucas Therapeutic we:

  • Offer Continuing Education for LMTs & Spas
  • Enhance and advance the knowledge and technique of Licensed Massage Therapists
  • Create and Lead company specific company trainings and offer staff career development opportunities
  • Facilitate seminars and workshops to enhance your businesses' competitive edge

Business Consulting

Looking for a way to enhance your operations, cultivate new client relationships, ensure superior customer satisfaction, extend your customer's life-cycle and create an environment where your staff are motivated and excited about what they do?  Lucas Therapeutic can help you!  Our focus is on your business' most critical issues and opportunities such as: Strategic Marketing, Operations, and Customer Acquisition & Satisfaction.  We strive to create environments of awareness and with our functional expertise, we employ a holistic approach in maximizing your company's success.

Training & Develpment

Through our Continuing Education Programs, and by providing guidance and support, we assist LMTs in mapping out and achieving their career goals.  During one on one strategic planning sessions, therapists are encouraged to create an action plan that will ultimately create career advancement and professional development opportunities. Your satisfaction and success is our priority. For the state required CEUs, coursework is available online, by email or in a live classroom setting.

Core Philosophy

At Lucas Therapeutic we support the concept that human beings are continually evolving, learning and growing.  We strive to build open and honest relationships through communication with our students and clients alike.  We are passionate, optimistic and always striving to deliver outstanding customer & client service.  Thank you for choosing us for your continuing education, training & development needs.